Sports at Punta Ixtapa will be entertaining.

Your day starts with one question. Relax or go out and have fun? Why not both. 

Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo Mexico

Ixtapa is 160 miles northwest of Acapulco, just 5 minutes drive from Zihuatanejo, 15 minutes from the endless virgin beaches of Troncones and about 30 minutes from the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo International Airport and the lagoons at Barra de Potosi, all part of the Mexican Riviera on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. 

Zihuatanejo, Guerrero Mexico

The name Zihuatanejo stems from the Nahuatl "Cihuatlan", meaning "the place of women". In pre-Columbian times, the Tarascan leader "Calzonzin" settled in the area and constructed the rock barrier on Playa Las Gatas (named for the harmless whiskered sharks found there) to provide a sheltered swimming area and harbor for the women and children, and that barrier continues to protect the beach to this day. With the arrival of the Spanish, the name Cihuatlan was transformed first into "Ciguatan" and then into "Ciguatanejo". Zihuatanejo’s current name form has only been in use for the past couple of centuries.


Two artificial grass tennis courts and two paddle tennis courts will get you to work up a sweat while enjoying the beautiful tropic surroundings with occasional visits of birds and perhaps a wink from an iguana that might want to keep score for you.

Zipline Canopy Tours

There are several ways to explore the forest. Might as well make it from up above. Zip line canopy tours are available at about 15 mins away from Punta Ixtapa resort. You will be flying through the trees in no time.

Both adults and children can enjoy nature from a different perspective. If a few short runs aren't enough, wait till you get the through the longest stride with 250 meters of pure adrenaline at 30 meters high. Typical tour lasts about 2 ½ hours.


Scuba Diving

Deep sea scuba diving in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo takes you to an amazing world down under. With more than 20 dive sites, here's what you can expect to see:

  • Caverns as long as 50 feet

  • Sunken ship, try finding the Fandango
  • Canyons, from narrow to wide
  • Walls, fish, coral and oh yeah, a sea horse if you're lucky 

Sports Fishing

Fishing in Mexico will give you lasting memories, and when you come to fish in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo then you're in for an adventure. Oh yeah, don't be surprised if you prize a nice marlin.


Marina Ixtapa Golf Club has 18 holes (6,781 yards). Designed by Robert Von Hagge. This course has shown to be a challenging course with large sand traps and moguls. Golfers can enjoy watching some mega yachts right along side the marina.

Campo de Golf Ixtapa (formerly "Palma Real") has 18 holes (6,898 yards). Designed by Robert Trent Jones. Located across from the Barcelo Hotel. Try swinging away wildlife preserve known for its crocodile guarded water hazards..

Sailing & Kayaking

Playa Quieta is perfect for sailing and taking long strolls with kayaks due to its calmer waters. This beach loves young children that will get their own sense of thrill of tiny waves. Right across from Isla Grande, you might even consider swimming across if you're the triathlete type.


The Ciclopista is located right behind Punta Ixtapa first section of the bicycle, which is 8 km / 5 miles, begins at Marina Ixtapa and goes westward round the perimeter of the Club de Golf Marina Ixtapa along 4.3 kilometers / 2.7 miles. The route continues up the coast throughAztlan Park, an ecological reserve with crocodiles, iguanas and exotic birds, until the RV Trailer Park in Playa Linda.


And if you're really really lucky, you might get to free some wild sea turtles to a new life journey in the Pacific.

And if you're really really lucky, you might get to free some wild sea turtles to a new life journey in the Pacific.

Free yourself to pure enjoyment and imagine all the activities you can do at Punta Ixtapa.