Created by DINE GROUP, this is an innovative residential development that captures both sea and forest. With a deep respect for nature and a love of privacy and tranquility that friends and family can enjoy.

Punta Ixtapa Master Plan was design by famous Architect Diego Villaseñor in 1991-1995, he is the founder and principal of DVA (Diego Villaseñor Arquitectos Asociados) that designs residential and urbanistic projects. Besides Punta Ixtapa Project, Architect Villasenor designed Punta Mita in Nayarit (Puerto Vallarta area), Punta Zicatela in Oaxaca, Costa Careyes in Jalisco and many other beautiful residential beach properties in Mexico.

Ixtapa Mexico is in the area of Mexico called Costa Grande, or “Big Coast”, located in the state of Guerrero 200 miles southeast from the Balsas River all the way to Acapulco.

Ixtapa Mexico has beautiful beaches, pristine offshore islands, luxury hotels, good food and very friendly locals that offer visitors just what you need for memorable stays all year round.  The best time to visit Ixtapa Mexico is from November thru June, July and August are also fine but you may get lots of rain, but September can have bad weather due to the hurricane season. 

Be sure to contact the Punta Ixtapa Resort website if you're looking for information on Villas del Este.

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